About Mosites Rubber Company

Because our founder over fifty years ago saw the importance of quality materials and the versatility of synthetic rubber in the future, Mosites Rubber Company has been on the leading edge of the rubber industry for decades, and known across the nation and in many parts of the world as one of the industry's leaders.

The small manufacturing plant started with just a handful of dedicated employees and a smaller number of customers. But as the company's reputation and dedication to quality spread, the customer list has grown impressively, and many of those dedicated employees stayed with Mosites for many years.

While the company started initially making rubber materials for lining large transport tanks and other storage vessels, it soon expanded into the more specialized areas of synthetic rubber, namely forming rubber materials, silicones and fluoroelastomers. We take pride in being able to stock large quantities of these materials, as well as making custom items such as silicone bladders and bonding blankets. If the material is not on the shelf at the time of the order, it can normally be made and shipped within a three to four week period. And since our manufacturing plant is located in the very busy area of Dallas-Fort Worth, all major carriers are readily available for rapid shipment as the customer chooses.

Our forming rubber materials are made of proprietary formulations of strong, durable goods, and are available in various configurations such as round press pads of various thickness and size, and square and rectangular sheets. The rubber used is cream colored, non marking, and has been proven to be very popular in the parts manufacturing areas of our industry. Various hardnesses are offered, from 50-90 shore A.

We offer commercial grade silicones for gasket applications, and offer continuous length rolls of either gray or red silicones, 40, 50 or 60 durometer. Also available are various solid extrusions of commercial grade materials.

Our high-strength silicone manufacturing is extremely popular throughout the world in the aerospace related industries. We make various hardness and color high strength materials in sheet form, but we also make very detailed and intricate custom bags and bladders for use in autoclave curing of composites. This material is offered in either cured or uncured form, and can be shipped quickly. Our maximum width for cured stock silicone is 72", but we have the capacity to make cured bonding blankets up to 12' wide and 33' long.

Our fluoroelastomer manufacturing area is known throughout the industry as providing top quality pure sheet goods made from DuPont Performance Elastomers Viton Polymer and high-temperature Aflas. We also offer extrusions of Viton (square and rectangular shapes are stocked), and again, stock many different sizes.

In addition to our solid Viton sheet goods, we also manufacture a high quality Viton closed cell sponge. This low-pressure sealing Viton is available in molded sheets and various thicknesses, from 1/8" through 5/8".

Our newest area of production at Mosites is our wide selection of Silicone Vacuum infusion products. As this technique grows in popularity and replaces other application procedures, we at Mosites feel that our products can be extremely beneficial and cost effective. We offer several compounds of silicone sheet to be used in this area of operation, as well as infusion ports, strips, seals and tubes of RTV. These items are almost always available from stock.

Mosites Rubber Co would like to hear from you, and we invite you to call our dedicated Customer Service and/or technical personnel soon in order that we might help fill your high-quality rubber needs.